Ensuring our children’s continued educational success during this pandemic is not only a matter of adapting to a sudden shift.  It’s also about finding a way to continue extracting a meaningful education experience that prepares them for the next stage in life. 

How do we best replicate the advantages of an in-class environment where students learn from one another and often receive personalized attention when they truly need it? In order to be successful in an online learning environment where students may feel alone and adrift, families may need assistance from someone who supplements their virtual classroom. Here’s how a Tungsten Prep online tutor can help:

Tutors Can Improve the Online Learning Experience

Spring 2020 saw educators hobble through the unexpected.  Many schools implemented a pass/fail grading system that felt like a holiday from the usual pressure of grade expectations.  This fall, many schools will be better prepared to teach remotely for a longer haul.  The result will likely be more traditional methods for measuring progress, such as graded quizzes and papers.  Students will need to find a way to learn, stay motivated and minimize stress, even as they are being evaluated without the in-classroom support they receive from teachers and peers. 

Parents may also find that their springtime role shifts.  Instead of simply monitoring online learning, parents may need to fill the role of “teacher” in sometimes challenging subjects.  That means dusting off old knowledge or developing new teaching skills.  The reality is that parents often lack the time or are not equipped for this role and do not want to put their child’s education on the line. 

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Consider working with a tutor as a way to keep students motivated and learning.  A tutor can help your student understand course material and provide the personalized attention they once received in the classroom.  A tutor provides guidance and expertise while relieving parents of much of the load associated with homeschooling their children. 

Changes and Opportunities

It’s only natural for people to be afraid of what they don’t really know.  COVID-19 caught us all unprepared and nobody can foresee when the situation will return to “normal.”  1-on-1 tutoring can remove many of the impediments to a quality education and academic goals. 

Instead of a challenge, see this unique online learning environment as an opportunity to think about how we can use 21st century tools to refine learning habits. That mindset can strengthen us all: students, parents and educators.

Ready to match with a tutor who can help your student?  Tungsten Prep can help!  We’ll take the time to learn about your student and match them with a tutor who fits their personality.  Click here to send a message to the Tungsten Prep team; we’ll get back to you within 24 hours! You can also email to learn more about how Tungsten Prep can lead your child to academic success, even in the era of COVID-19.

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