As a family-owned company, Tungsten Prep has long understood and supported students through challenging educational journeys.  We’re dedicated to helping families through the many challenging aspects of learning be they rooted in traditional classroom teaching or online. 

Since COVID-19 started, the population of frustrated, demotivated students has expanded.  Online classroom environments are a demoralizing place for our many of our students and their teachers.   So, what do we do differently?

A Personal and Personalized Learning Experience

We created Tungsten Prep in 2017 because parents told us they wanted more than a homework helper or parade of different tutors. We made it a priority to satisfy that need. Today, we find students the best tutor for their personality type who they can work with long-term. We will dig deep to create a personalized learning program that helps the student understand their school’s curriculum and get the best possible grades. 

Students simply cannot be fully engaged in their studies if they do not feel a connection to the person they are learning from. This is why we work hard to partner families with tutors who meet the following criteria:

  • They know your community’s schools
  • They understand your expectations
  • They tutor multiple subjects
  • They help you feel motivated
  • They can make you laugh and smile now and then

No two students learn exactly the same way. This is why we create a personalized experience for each and every family we work with. We give students manageable, yet strategic assignments designed to reinforce the lessons they learn in class. We do not believe in busy work. Our tutors focus on specific challenges that a student is facing. We then provide students with articulate feedback so they know how well they are performing.

Building Morale and Resilience Using A Family-Centric Approach

The family-centric approach is one of our cornerstones. Tungsten Prep’s leadership is composed of parents like you.  We believe in the importance of the whole family’s involvement in the learning process. Our tutors are taught that students need to feel that they are a part of a supportive family and need someone with whom they can celebrate their wins.

Furthermore, we believe – and have witnessed – that students see the best results when we build in regular communication with their parents, ensuring accountability on the part of our tutors. 

Preparing for Real-World Success

Tungsten Prep tutors do more than help students “pass the test” or “get the grade”. We are proud to offer role models whose own life experiences and professional accomplishments encourage students to rethink preconceived limits and dream big.

Education needs to do more than prepare students for the next test. We teach students skills that will help them be successful today in the classroom (online or in-person),  tomorrow on the college campus, and beyond.

A Focus on Results and Student Progress

Tungsten Prep tutors recognize your challenges and have adapted our approach. We strive to give students and their families a sense of how their education is progressing through regular reporting to parents. We believe that students cannot be truly engaged in their learning if they are not able to see the results of their hard work. 

Tungsten Prep is dedicated to helping students and their families find joy in learning. Click here to schedule your consultation today and learn how we can improve your current learning experience. 

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