Midterm exams are coming up sooner than you think and now is the time to get organized and develop a plan of attack. Use these tips to finish the semester off strong.

Plan Ahead and Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard

Don’t let midterm exams sneak up on your family. You already know they are coming, so take some time to mentally prepare and start making a schedule. Studying is a marathon, not a race. Students shouldn’t wait until the last minute and try to cram all their studying into a small window. Get started early and be consistent. Parents should also make sure their students are not pushing themselves too hard. Be sure your student is getting plenty of rest, eating healthy, and isn’t overly stressed or anxious. Mental and physical fatigue is not conducive to good test scores. 

Try Writing Things Down by Hand

For many students, laptops and smartphones are the centers of their world. And while computers undoubtedly have many benefits, students can benefit from using handwriting when studying and taking notes. Research points to handwriting being beneficial to learning and memorization. So while students may be more comfortable using their computers, doing all the work digitally may adversely affect their ability to absorb and retain information. 

tutoring and test prep tips

Discuss Goals with Teachers

Parents and students need to be in close communication with teachers throughout the school year – but especially during testing season. Make sure that you and your student are discussing your goals with the teachers. This will help you to know where you stand academically and what you need to do to achieve the desired results. In most cases, teachers can also make themselves available for students who are struggling or need some tutoring and test prep assistance. 

Get Help With Tutoring and Test Prep

It is important for parents and students to know that there are plenty of resources available to support students. Connecting with peers and creating study groups can help not only in learning the material but also in feeling less isolated. 

Hiring a professional to help with tutoring and test prep during this period can also be a major help. An experienced tutor can help you review your course materials and help develop a personalized study plan for your student. Just don’t wait until the last minute to reach out for this type of support. 

What Not To Do

When approaching final exams, avoid these things:

  • Crammingcramming for a test only increases stress levels and reduces the ability to concentrate. Studying should be done in smaller, regular blocks of time.
  • Pulling All-Nighters – students need to be in top mental and physical condition when preparing for exams. Staying up all night should be avoided at all costs.
  • Getting Stressed – don’t let the pressure get to you. Take breaks, try meditation, discuss concerns with family.  You’ll do fine!
  • Giving Up – Giving up is not an option. Do your best and be proud of the results. 

Finish The Semester Off Strong

Exam season is quickly approaching and now is the time to start preparing.  Students who adopt healthy study habits have a greater chance of reaching their desired outcome. The key point to remember is that having a plan of action is essential when it comes to studying and pushing too hard at the last minute is not effective. 

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