Success in the Classroom Today Equals Independence on the College Campus and Beyond.

When Tungsten Prep was founded in 2017, we quickly discovered that families wanted more than a short-term homework partner or test prep coach. Today, we help students and their parents find the best tutor they can work with long-term. We are proud to offer role models whose own life experiences and professional accomplishments encourage students to think outside of the box and dream big.

Find the Best-Fit Tutor for Your Student!

Students have a hard time being fully engaged if they do not trust and relate to the person they are working with. This is why we work hard to partner families with the right tutor who meets the following criteria:

  • They know your community
  • They understand your expectations
  • They are able to tutor multiple subjects
  • They help you feel motivated
  • They can make you laugh and smile now and then

Every student is unique and deserves individualized lessons that work for their own learning style, preference, and speed. Student’s shouldn’t be put into a box and education shouldn’t be boiled down to a formula. This is why we create a personalized experience for each and every family we work with.

Discover the Joy in Learning

Tungsten Prep is more than a tutoring service. We help students learn to be accountable to themselves and build the interdisciplinary skills that will help them succeed in the classroom and beyond. Physics or Latin. Chemistry or Calculus. Whatever the subject, our tutors are trained to reinforce cross-cutting skills: time management, critical reading, and test-taking strategies.

Tungsten Prep is dedicated to helping students and their families find joy in learning. Schedule your consultation today and learn how we can prepare your student for success in the classroom and beyond.

Speak directly to a member of our team to learn how personalized tutoring empowers students inside and outside of the classroom.

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Foreign Languages

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Tutors that Understand Students

Our daughter really enjoys (!) working with our tutor and finds her style and approach helpful and engaging. Her tutor meets her ‘where she is.’ Tungsten Prep hires tutors that really understand students. I appreciate that our tutor has experience with both middle and high school students. She relates to the challenges our daughter encounters with the volume of material she has to learn in her Spanish class. Her tutor is really preparing her for her final exam. I am hopeful the strategies they are working on will help her as she moves into Spanish 3 in 10th grade.

Mother of a National Cathedral School Freshman

Tutoring that Delivers Confidence on Test Day

Your work paid off and our son took the confidence you gave him into test day and he killed his SAT! We really appreciate all you did to prepare him and build his positivity and self-control. Thanks again for all your help! Count us as satisfied customers!

Father of a St. Anselm's Abbey School Junior

Flexible Tutors Who Go the Extra Mile

Tungsten Prep has tutors who are very flexible, always go the extra mile, and can help with a wide array of academic needs. They helped our 16-year-old son get through the rigorous demands of junior year. We’re not sure what we would have done without them!

Mother of a Gonzaga High School Graduate

Test Prep Tutors that Build a Great Rapport With Students

Our daughter loves working with her ACT tutor. They have a great rapport. I’m impressed with her too. I’ve chatted with her about strategy, and she always proposes a thoughtful, insightful approach. I left a review on Google and read some of the other reviewers’ many positive comments. Thank you very much for connecting us with one of your Superstars. I feel like a VIP!

Father of a Wilson High School Sophomore

Professional Tutors Who Listen

We’ve tried a number of tutors in the past, but the professionals at Tungsten Prep were the best we’ve worked with by far! They really listened to what we needed, and their ability to understand how a child learns best and work to their strengths was amazing. We are so happy to have found them!

Mother of Three Burke School Students

Tutors that Do Outstanding Work

I want to let you know how wonderful our test prep tutor was. He did an outstanding job with our daughter and exceeded all of our expectations in terms of being prepared. This preparation allowed him to meet our daughter where she was and improve her readiness for the SSAT. He gets my highest recommendation. Thank you for the great choice!

Mother of an 8th Grade SSAT Student

Our Chemistry Tutor is Engaging

Our Chemistry tutor is very engaging. Our daughter enjoys working with him, and her grades are already improving. Most importantly, he’s really helping her get over the key hurdles of understanding concepts.

Mother of a Bishop O'Connell High School Senior

A Focus on a Perfect Tutor Match

Our Math and Physics tutor is a perfect match for our daughter. She looks forward to working with him and readily acknowledges how helpful he is. He really has a wonderful way about him, boosts her confidence, and teaches all at the same time. He’s a delight and a big success.

Mother of St. John's College High School Junior

Encouraging, Motivating, and Intelligent Tutors

Our SSAT tutor was fantastic! He was so encouraging, motivating, intelligent, and had just the right balance of staying focused without making our son feel pressured or stressed for his SSAT prep. They really connected, and I’m not sure I would have gotten my son to study for the exam if it weren’t for our tutor. Your company is fortunate to have him!

Mother of an 8th Grade SSAT Student