Let’s Work This Summer

Having a summer job is a great way for students to gain real-world work experience and earn money.  Sadly, teen labor force participation has been on a steep downward trend for two decades.  In the Washington region, that dip is even more...

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Local Volunteer Opportunities for Teens

Local Volunteer Opportunities for Teens Tis the season for giving back, expressing gratitude and helping others. But the spirit of volunteerism should not be limited to the holiday season. The Washington, DC area offers teens diverse opportunities to serve their...

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SAT versus ACT? Which Test is Right for Your Student?

For high school juniors, the first big decision of the college application process may be:  should I take the SAT or ACT?  Choice can be a good thing but, in this case, it’s better for students to make an informed decision based on which test will best showcase their...

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Demystifying Independent School Admissions

Choosing the right high school for your student can be a nerve-wracking rite of passage for families. While families steel themselves for the inevitable stresses of college admissions putting an eighth-grader through that

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