Our personalized, 1-on-1 tutoring gives students the support they need to reach their academic goals in the classroom today and success on the college campus tomorrow. 

Whether your student needs a specialist or someone with versatility, our diverse team of education professionals can provide support across the full range of coursework through the Advanced Placement level. 

Speak directly to a member of our team to learn how personalized tutoring empowers students inside and outside of the classroom.

Give your student the confidence they need to reach their full potential in all areas of academic life! From Academic Tutoring to Test Preparation, we provide the tools, content, and structure needed to achieve your goals. Explore our full range of academic tutoring center services below:

Academic Tutoring 

Students receive personalized 1-on-1 tutoring that is tailored to their specific goals and learning needs.  We will find the right tutor who will motivate and empower your student.  Scheduling is flexible, as well.  Sessions can be held in our offices, at your home, or remotely – whatever is most convenient.

SAT/ACT Test Prep

Whether your student is an experienced test-taker looking to beat their highest score, or a first-timer in need of a confidence boost, our experienced tutors are here to provide personalized support.  We begin with a careful assessment of each student’s learning style and generate a personalized strategy to help achieve the highest possible test scores.  Students may also take full-length practice exams in our office on weekends to track their progress.

AP Exam Prep

Many colleges grant credit for AP scores – which helps parents save on tuition costs.  Whether your student needs AP class support all year long, or just some help preparing for the exam, our tutors will help them master the subject matter, do their best on the exam and build college-readiness skills.


Give younger students the confidence they need to ace their first standardized test. Our dedicated HSPT, ISEE & SSAT team is prepared to increase confidence and reduce anxiety as your student heads into high school. Students will receive their own customized program of study and have regular opportunities to take practice tests.

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