Prep with Purpose

Test prep may be a rite of passage, but it doesn’t need to be painful.  

In fact, we believe a little humor is a key ingredient in academic success.  We aim to take the anxiety out of test prep. In its place, we inject wide-ranging content, practical test-taking strategies, and the space to learn from your peers and your mistakes.

Our  SAT and ACT tutors are all top scorers from top schools, and each has at least a decade of teaching experience.  But just as importantly, they also share our core values: a deep and wide-ranging curiosity, an empathetic and patient teaching style and a commitment to making each and every student and family feel unique.  

We test and re-test our curriculum, constantly refining it based on data, results and the science of adolescent learning. 

To SAT or ACT?

Selectivity and Focus. That’s our motto.

Your most precious resource is time. Especially junior year. Use it wisely by specializing in only one test.

Before you prep, join us for a complimentary SAT and ACT practice test. We schedule them regularly at our office.  We’ll evaluate the results, offer you a written assessment of your scores and help you select the test that suits your strengths and learning style.

A plan for every learner

Small Group Classes

Stay motivated in a lively, interactive environment. Reap the combined benefits of an expert tutor and peer learning.

Maximum of six students per class

23 hours of instruction

2.5 hour sessions offer time for practice

Four practice tests

Proprietary workbook

Weekly progress reports

Great for busy students who want more in-class practice.


 Nine weeks of instruction for $980

1-on-1 Tutoring

Sharpen your skills with personalized instruction. Connect with your perfect-fit tutor.

Individual learning plan based on needs assessment

12, 15 and 18 hour packages

Unlimited practice tests

Customized workbook

Weekly progress report and regular dialogue with families between sessions

Great for highly-motivated students ready to do homework outside of class, students looking for a big score boost or those who need maximum scheduling flexibility.

$140 per hour

Customize Your Test Prep

Every student is different. That’s why we begin with both a diagnostic exam and a conversation. Let’s assess your student’s strengths, learning style and goals, and design a one-on-one tutoring plan that is right for him or her.


Refine strategies and target specific needs

12 hours


Tackle full range of content and strategies

15 hours


Maximize gains and address content gaps

21 hours

Local Classes

We partner with local high schools to offer our small group SAT and ACT classes at a discounted rate. It’s a great solution for busy students who want the convenience and affordability of test prep at their school.

Contact us to start a discussion.

“Your work paid off and our son took the confidence you gave him into the test and killed it! We really appreciate all you did to prepare him and build his positivity and self control. He paced himself and did not have a moment of panic, largely because you anticipated and prepared him for those times when things could go crazy. Thanks again for all your help! Count us as satisfied customers!”

— parents of a St. Anselm’s Abbey High School junior