Tutoring Services

Say hello to a new kind of tutoring.

Most tutors are like Emergency Room doctors; they manage a crisis and treat only the acute symptom — the failing math grade, the impending SAT.

We prefer to help students maintain their own academic health and build the interdisciplinary skills that will help them succeed in high school, college and beyond.  Physics or Latin. Chemistry or Lit. Whatever the subject, our tutors are trained to reinforce these cross-cutting skills.

What we offer is versatility and depth.

Students don’t need an army of tutors. They need one dedicated coach who will guide them to success in the classroom and on standardized tests.

Some students need a specialist—the best Latin tutor there is. Others need a generalist—the Swiss army knife who helps with Math today and History tomorrow. That’s why we’ve assembled a diverse team who can support students across the full range of high school courses.

Here are the subjects we’ll learn together:

1-on-1 Tutoring

Flexibility and Convenience

Personalized tutoring is the ideal option for busy students who don’t have time

Students lives are full. They don’t always have time for a commute.

Their needs can be specific. You want a curriculum that fits their learning style, interests and goals.

Or they may want support across a range of subjects – Math today, and History tomorrow.

That’s why we meet students at their home or school. On evenings or weekends.

We also offer online support via Skype or FaceTime.  Students can log shorter, more frequent sessions and we can usually accommodate last-minute or late-evening requests.

We partner with schools throughout Washington, DC that allow us to tutor onsite. ​

Small Group Classes

Best of Both Worlds

Some students learn best when surrounded by their peers. Group dynamics motivate them.

You want the personalized support of one-on-one tutoring, but are looking for great value.

That’s why we offer small group classes for two to six students.

Families can partner to create a small study group for students in the same class or studying for the same exam.  Some groups meet a few times before the big test while others meet regularly all year.

We also schedule classes in the spring for the AP exams and SAT Subject Tests. Stay tuned for a schedule of these classes in March.

Classes are held at Hera Hub, a co-working space at 5028 Wisconsin Avenue. Students love the relaxed, spa-like environment (and the fully stocked kitchen!).

“Sarah is the best!  Smart, patient, hard-working, versatile and flexible.  She established a great rapport with our son – much better than other tutors he has had – and was able to help him not only with math but also with papers in other subjects, preparing for his AP world history exam, and time management skills.  She worked both with our son and us as parents, and she was committed to helping him succeed.”

— Cheryl, mother of  a Wilson High School junior

Our approach to tutoring is unique.
Learn how we help students just like yours.