The next school year is just around the corner

Many students don’t relish the prospect of summer tutoring, but 12 weeks can be a long time.  We think summer learning can be low-stress, fun and light, but still purposeful.  Consider these resources once students have spent some much-deserved time by the poolside.   Contact us using the box below if you’re interested in any of these opportunities.

Avoid the Summer Slide in Math and Foreign Languages:

Studies show students can lose up to three months of math skills over the summer.  The summer slide hits foreign language abilities just as hard.  That can prove a real setback for many come September.  Let our math tutors design a tailor-made summer curriculum for each student’s goals — whether it’s strengthening mental math, tackling a full course to jump ahead next year or reinforcing summer school.  Our language tutors are ready to help prep for an overseas experience, make a delicious dessert or learn some fun facts about ancient Rome — all while chatting in a foreign language.

Tackle the SAT or ACT:

Whether your student is a rising junior wanting to get ahead or a rising senior eager for one last shot at a score boost, summer is a great time for test prep.  Free of homework, tests and extracurricular activities, students can really focus and make great strides in a short period toward a score that could greatly expand their college choice. 

Complete Those Summer Projects:

 Most schools require completion of a summer project or reading assignment.  In the doldrums of August, what better way to get ready for back to school than with a few sessions to complete that project and get the school year off to a great start?