Goal setting

Test prep needs to be as individualized as students are unique.  From the confident test-taker shooting for a top score to the nervous first-timer in need of strategies to curb anxiety, we customize students’ curriculum to their goals, learning style and timetable.  We build in regular communication with parents and students to track progress and encourage accountability.

Selectivity and Focus

SAT or ACT?  The right test is crucial to student confidence, motivation and success.  We begin with a careful assessment of each student’s learning style and generate a personalized strategy with one goal in mind:  the best possible score.

Talented, Experienced Tutors

Our test prep tutors are all top scorers, well-trained in our strategies and possessing years of teaching experience.  They also share our core values:  a deep and wide-ranging curiosity, an empathetic and patient teaching style, and a responsiveness to each student’s unique way of learning.

Practice, Practice, Practice

We provide students with manageable, strategic homework assignments that reinforce skills without wasting time on busy work.  We also offer regular full-length practice exams in our office on weekends so students can track progress.

Data-driven Curriculum

We test and re-test our home-grown curriculum, constantly refining it based on data, results and the specific requirements of adolescent learning.


Demonstrate college readiness and more…

More than other standardized tests, the AP exams test critical thinking, analytical writing and quantitative reasoning — just the skills to showcase college readiness.  Better yet, many colleges grant credit for AP scores, which means tuition savings.

Some students need AP class support all year long.  Others want intensive help to prepare for the exam itself.  Our tutors can do both.  From content to pacing to scoring methodology, they help students master both the subject matter and strategies to succeed in the classroom and on the exam itself.



Ace Your First Standardized Test.

Our dedicated SSAT and HSPT team understand our younger learners — how to review and teach content, build confidence and reduce anxiety so that they can soar on test day.  We also introduce test-taking strategies that serve students as they head to high school.

Like our SAT and ACT program, SSAT and HSPT students receive their own customized program of study, benefit from our homegrown curriculum and take regular practice tests.


Your work paid off and our son took the confidence you gave him into the SAT and killed it! We really appreciate all you did to prepare him and build his positivity and self-control. Thanks again for all your help! Count us as satisfied customers!

Father of a St. Anselm’s Abbey School junior

We’ve tried a number of tutors in the past, but the professionals at Tungsten Prep were the best we’ve worked with by far! They really listened to what we needed, and their ability to understand how a child learns best and work to their strengths was amazing. We are so happy to have found them!

Mother of three Burke School students

Tungsten Prep is very flexible, always goes the extra mile, and can help with a wide array of academic needs. They helped our 16-year-old son get through the rigorous demands of junior year. We’re not sure what we would have done without them!

Mother of a Gonzaga High School graduate