In the midst of a global pandemic, you might have questions about how to prioritize your child’s education. These times are unprecedented, and parents have been forced to adapt quickly.

Between your work, their school, the challenges of isolation, and the adjustment to online learning, you may not have the time or expertise to help your child with a difficult math problem.

If your child is in an advanced math course this year, you should consider hiring a calculus tutor.

Even without the challenges of a disrupted educational system, calculus is tricky enough. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know about hiring a calculus tutor for your child.

1. Individual Attention Is Key

Did you know that the average high school class size in the United States is 23? In some public schools, this number may be even higher.

Even as many students return to in-person schooling, they still face barriers to effective math learning.

With one teacher for every 20 to 25 students, it can be nearly impossible for every student to get the individual attention they need. Unfortunately, individual attention is the key to helping students overcome their difficulties.

Individual attention is especially important to advanced subjects such as calculus. Most concepts in higher mathematics have many moving parts and opportunities for confusion.

That is why tutors are especially important to the study of calculus and other forms of higher mathematics.

Let’s say, for example, that your child’s calculus class is learning how to derive equations for 3D graphs.

Some students may struggle with the necessary derivative equations, and some students may struggle with spatial awareness and visualizations. Other students may have questions about how to approach the z-axis.

In this classroom, it may be impossible for a single teacher to properly address all of these questions and get through to every student.

If you didn’t understand every part of that example, don’t worry. That is precisely what a calculus tutor is for!

2. Attention Issues Are Learning Barriers

Attention issues are more common today than ever before. Over three million teenagers in the United States have a diagnosis of ADD or ADHD.

The number of high school students who actually have diagnosable attention problems is likely to be even higher than that since not all students have access to psychiatric services.

Busy classrooms can exacerbate attention issues. When no one is paying individual attention to your student, it may be easier for them to zone out and miss important concepts.

With a calculus tutor there to hold your child individually responsible, they will have a much better chance at working through attention difficulties.

3. Active Learning Is the Best Learning

Most large classes are taught in a lecture style. Lectures are a type of passive (not hands-on) learning. Unfortunately, students retain more information from active learning lessons.

Students often prefer lectures and feel that they have learned a lot from them.

However, when you compare the test scores of students in lecture classes and students in active learning classes, you see that this perception is usually wrong.

Students learn the most when they are able to tackle a subject hands-on. A calculus tutor can help your child do just that.

Lectures are a convenient way to teach large groups of students. However, learning from lectures alone may cause gaps in your child’s education. A calculus tutor will be able to find and fill in those gaps.

4. Notoriously Difficult Subjects Can Be Easy

Calculus has a reputation for being extremely complex and inaccessible. This stigma can keep some students from reaching their full potential.

Although calculus does contain some lofty concepts, anyone can understand those concepts with the proper math help.

The best tutors are skilled at breaking down difficult subjects so that any student can comprehend them. If the daunting nature of calculus is troubling your student, all they need is a tutor who can make it look easy.

Students often struggle because their class moves too fast for them; not because they don’t have what it takes to understand the material. A tutor can work with your child at an individualized pace.

5. Advanced Students Need Tutors Too

Top 10 Things To Know When Hiring Your Calculus Tutor by Tungsten Prep

You might think that your student must be struggling to need a math tutor. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Many students who excel in math can benefit from extra tutoring. Many students who have sailed through earlier math courses are surprised to hit a roadblock when they reach calculus.

Some may need help with the higher-level conceptual thinking that calculus requires. Others may find they are rusty on some algebra or trigonometry concepts that form the foundation for a strong understanding of calculus.

Even for the strongest students, a calculus tutor can help them do their best on the Advanced Placement exam in May. A tutor can also introduce more advanced concepts in calculus, or real-world applications that will fuel the math lovers’ passion for further study.

6. Success in Calculus Will Get Your Child Far

An understanding of calculus is essential to many rewarding professions. Engineering, for example, relies heavily on calculus.

If your child is interested in going into engineering, physics, economics, or biology, they will need calculus to get there.

If your child scores well on the AP Calculus exam, they may receive college credit. That translates directly into tuition savings for parents.

Alternatively, a strong AP Calculus score often enables students to bypass introductory math classes freshman year and move on to higher-level classes that may support their future major or career interests.

7. The Pandemic Has Slowed Down Learning

Many students fell behind in core academic skills during the pandemic. In particular, students lost ground in math.

Your student may need to refresh basic mental math, rebuild their problem-solving muscles, or review formulas from trigonometry or geometry

Whether your child returned to in-person classes this year or will continue with remote learning, a tutor can help your child adjust.

8. The Best Tutor Has Knowledge and Warmth

It is vital that your child’s tutor has the right educational background. When you teach a subject as advanced as calculus, you need the right qualifications.

However, degrees and qualifications are not all it takes. Your child needs a tutor that is knowledgeable, personable, and warm.

Many students face learning difficulties because of a lack of confidence, a teacher who does not fit their learning style, and other issues that have nothing to do with their ability to do well in a particular subject.

The right tutor will be astute enough to identify these issues and properly encourage your child to succeed.

9. Tutors Help Marginalized Students Succeed

There are many reasons that some students struggle in school. Some have attention issues that make learning difficult, and some are stuck in overcrowded classrooms.

Some students, on the other hand, are not given a fair shot at success. Students of color, poor students, and disabled students are often not given the same resources and encouragement as their peers.

These students may also be unlikely to ask for extra help due to harmful stigmas attached to their identities.

If your child does not experience the same privileges as their peers, they may need a tutor to help them live up to their potential.

10. Tutoring Is Not a Luxury

Many parents think of tutoring as a luxury that their children don’t need. However, tutoring is becoming more and more commonplace.

In some countries, tutoring is even provided to every student by government-funded programs.

Every child benefits from extra study help. As classroom sizes grow and pandemic protocols remain uncertain, it is becoming unrealistic to expect students to excel from in-school learning alone.

Tutoring is not a luxury reserved for wealthy students, nor is it just a lifeline for students who are in dire need of help. A tutor is simply a learning tool that every family can benefit from.

Not only will a tutor give your child a better chance at success; they will also give you more time to take care of other parental responsibilities.

Find the Best Calculus Tutor Today

Now that you have all the essential information about hiring a calculus tutor, you can choose the best one for your child. Contact a calculus tutor to get a consultation and price quote.

It is always the right time to prioritize your young student’s education.

With the right tutor, they’ll be an accomplished mathematician in no time! Plus, you’ll have more free time to be the best parent you can be.